Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winston is on the money. $40 million+ to get the UN Security Council seat and we abstain. - Michael Smith News

Winston said:

HAS CAUCUS WOKEN UP TO GILLARD? Gillard’s real agenda has been lost in the same mist as what she stands for. She achieved her goal of becoming Prime Minister through the manipulation of people over three decades. She has gone from being a Trotskyist feminist firebrand of university politics through industrial law to Parliament and the Prime Minister’s Lodge. She was in the process of establishing the next step in her transformation to a life after Australian politics to play a major role in the UN with all the trimmings. For that she needed the support of the US and Israel. Therefore, Australia had to vote against the Palestine Authority achieving observer status within the UN General Assembly. But Australia recently gained Arab support for Australia to take a non-permanent seat on the Security Council. Foreign Minister Carr realised the implication of that for his own reputation, after all it was he that lobbied the Arab states, as had Kevin Rudd. The AWU-WRA scam has weakened her to the point that she lost when she tried to assert her authority and force the Cabinet to rubber stamp her “No” vote. Only Conroy and Shorten backed her. Faced with a threatened Caucus rebellion she had to abandon supporting the US and Israel. In fact it appears that a majority in Caucus wanted the government to vote in favour of Palestine. Abstention became a face-saver for her. It was knife edge. The sense in voting with the US was brushed aside. Gillard was brushed aside. More difficult for the ALP it showed to Caucus that she was prepared to take a course of action which would have turned the Muslim vote against ALP members in a number of marginal seats, while guaranteeing for herself a golden parachute to the UN. When it comes to electoral survival principles dissolve in favour of an unsightly scramble to secure every possible vote. The US and Israel now know that her grubby and sordid past has brought her undone and harmed their cause, and one less sorely needed vote for Israel. Australian support would have helped the US take a harder line against Hamas. How ironic that is given all the effort to conceal her past sins through manipulation and the deliberate air-brushing of history. Prime Minister Gillard has been shamed before her own people and the world in a fashion both unheard of and undreamed of in Australia. She has raised media manipulation to an art form, and we see that daily; but it was social media that brought her down. When Gillard has a slip of the tongue and incorrectly names say the AWU-WRA, media luminaries like Laurie Oakes, Laura Tingle, Phil Coorey, Tim Palmer and other rusted on acolytes blithely repeat it. They do not have a clue. No matter what occurs from now on, even if the Liberals get lost in their own confusion, Gillard stands exposed as dodgy operator reduced to relying on her thieving boyfriend Bruce Morton Wilson as a character referee to deal with allegations of corruption that will not go away. All she can do is “huff and puff” because she does not dare make a full explanation to Parliament. A few months ago she may have pulled it off, but not now, it is far too late. She is more likely to make a full explanation to the police. Prime Minister Gillard is terminally damaged goods.

Winston is on the money. $40 million+ to get the UN Security Council seat and we abstain. - Michael Smith News:

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