Thursday, November 29, 2012

The last chance to do something for the country before the Christmas break. Act now before we get the horrible spectacle of the police going to The Lodge.


  1. I read an article Today the 29/11/2012 that Pm has rang another journalist's boss to state he's a liar, yet another attempt I would suggest to cover it up and have a honest hard working Journalist sacked or threatened with being sacked. Julia Gillard disgraces this nation, disrespect's the people of Australia and proves each day that she Julia Gillard isn't fit to run this nation. It's a disgraceful act of the Pm to ring a journalist's boss to threaten them to cover up her own actions.

  2. Thank you Micheal Smith for caring enough about Australia that you wouldn't be silenced by people who would do harm to this great country we call home. In the face of humiliation and rebuke you have held strong and continued to report the truth. you are surely an Australian treasure.