Monday, November 26, 2012

More new information about The AWU Scandal from the Prime Minister

Every time that Julia Gillard speaks on the record we learn something new about the scandal and that's great.
I have a few brief comments based just on my notes - I'll have a much more complete view after I've reviewed the transcript.
First up, Julia Gillard twice declined to answer questions about the Power of Attorney.  She gave a blanket "I did nothing wrong, I witnessed it properly" but she declined to answer the direct question "did you witness Blewitt sign it.   Was it backdated."   
Secondly Julia Gillard shed new light on the AWU-WRA.   Ms Gillard said that the union was not her client. Her client was Bruce Wilson (her lover) and Ralph Blewitt.   She had no more right to advise them they could call their private slush fund the AWU slush fund than she had to advise them to call it the Qantas or the Telstra slush fund.  Further, the objects of the asociation formally filed as a public document with the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner would mislead a reasonable person as to the ownership of the Association.   LIkewise a person checking out the public document could not possibly form the view that any money in the association was going to the personal benefit of Blewitt/Wilson.
Thiess executives were misled as to the ownership of the Association.
Here are the notes from Sam Tough, the legal officer in the WA Police Fraud Squad setting out the view of Thiess executives that they were in fact deceived by the name of the association.

Thiess officers statement synopsis

And one last point from me.  For someone who spends so much of her time, energy and political capital deriding people who base their arguments on smear and personal attacks, she gave a pretty good impersonation of exactly that when she turned her mind to the substance of Ralph Blewitt's written evidence to police.


More new information about The AWU Scandal from the Prime Minister - Michael Smith News:

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