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Corporation Australia - Most Australians are unaware that, even to this day, The Commonwealth Of Australia does not have a Constitution and in fact, The Commonwealth Of Australia is now a registered private corporation, which the men and women of Australia do not own or control. How did this happen?

Most Australians mistakenly believe we have a Constitution that determines how we are governed and the laws that are made that have an effect over our lives. Most Australians are unaware that, even to this day, The Commonwealth Of Australia does not have a Constitution and in fact, The Commonwealth Of Australia is now a registered private corporation, which the men and women of Australia do not own or control.
How did this happen?
Why have the men and women of Australia been lied to for more than 100 years?
Who has really benefited from this 100-year-old secret?
Lets find out.
There were three referendums over the Australian Constitution prior to 1900. When the results of the third referendum of 1898 for the proposed Australian Constitution were sent across to the British Colonial Office, 68 alterations were made by the Colonial Office before it was presented to the Imperial Parliament as a bill for debate. The men and women of Australia were never informed of these changes or asked if they approved of them.
The British Imperial Parliament passed the bill which became THE ACT to Constitute The Commonwealth of Australia (UK) 1900. THE ACT consists of 9 clauses of which the Constitution of The Commonwealth of Australia is only clause 9. The first 8 clauses, mistakenly referred to as the preamble, are only amendable or alterable by the British Imperial Parliament and clause 9 is only amendable by the men & women of the Commonwealth of Australia, in accordance with section 128 of clause 9.
The British Imperial Parliament passed the bill not in accordance with the will of the men and women of Terra Australis, rather in accordance with the will of the Colonial Office. This is why Australians do not have a valid constitution and there is a very good reason for this occurrence, which you are about to find out.
Of Note: The current printings of THE ACT bearing the "Australian" Coat of Arms are a nullity because there has never been an authorization, nor could there be, to place the Australian Coat of Arms on British Legislation. Any legislation bearing the word "Australia" is also a nullity because the name of this island continent formerly known as Terra Australis is now formally known as the Commonwealth of Australia as per THE ACT to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia (UK) 1900. There is no authority to alter that name and this is expressly implied in clause 6 of the act where it says, "The Commonwealth shall mean the Commonwealth of Australia". Nowhere in the document is there any authorisation to shorten the name, so to speak of "The Commonwealth" or "Australia" is going against THE ACT.

There is a big difference between the "common wealth" of Australia, implying that the men and women equally share in the country’s wealth, and just Australia, which contains no reference to the fact that the men and women of Terra Australis are supposed to equally share the "common wealth" and have an equal say in what happens. 
So we can see that, from the very beginning of our so-called "free nation", there were plans already being made for the corporate takeover of Terra Australis. "Australia" really means ownership by private corporations, which means ownership by the men and women behind those corporations.
After the end of WW1, Australia, having already become a member of the League of
Nations, signed the Treaty of Versailles. Only sovereign nations could become members, proving that we had already severed our links with Britain and the Queen. Since at least the Treaty of Versailles, Australia has been a sovereign, independent nation but the management of our nation has hardly ever been in the hands or the will of the Australian people. So who has been really running this country all this time, if not the men and women of Terra Australis?
The UK Privy Council has confirmed that they have no records showing that the Queen has appointed any Governor-General or State Governors since 1927, contrary to what most people think. In truth, the Governor-General is appointed by the Prime Minister (or those behind him) and the State Governors are appointed by State Premiers (or those behind him/her) and they are responsible for the appointments of Judges, amongst other positions. It is hard to believe that a Prime Minister or State Premier (or those behind him/her) would appoint anyone who did not fit in with the private corporation agenda of those in control.
Severed and isolated from the real protection of the British Royal Crown and under the cloak of darkness, the men and women of Terra Australis have not only been terribly let down and misled by the British Royal Family and the British Imperial Parliament, but have also been allowed to be brutally attacked by British internationalised private corporations, in which the British Royal Family have vested interests.
While the men and women of Terra Australis have been involved in wars, fighting for "Australia" and "Freedom", the architects with the wealth and power to cause those wars have been stealthily conducting their own war on those same men and women, resulting in the takeover of almost all their common wealth.
The blossoming of the privatisation agenda all over Terra Australis today is the fruit of the labour of everyone involved in the dream of stealing all of Terra Australis from its inhabitants. Through a process of gradualism, so as not to awaken the innocent men and women of Terra Australis into becoming aware that Terra Australis has been under attack and that all forms of government have been hijacked by private corporation sympathizers, a series of ongoing distractions have been wielded upon its citizens in the forms of war,
taxation, depressions, recessions, inflation, sport, entertainment, the arts, drugs, gambling etc. All these forms of distraction are conceived and/or backed by private corporations.
The main tool for the destruction of this country, from the outset, has been debt finance/credit creation issued by private corporation banks and financial institutions. This "money", created out of thin air, is not backed by common wealth but is used to take the common wealth from the men and women of Terra Australis. Debt finance/credit creation is owned by private corporations; it is never part of the common wealth and we can never own it and this is why credit creation, by association, is known as debt. We have to give it all back and the extra fees and interest attached to it have to come from our common wealth, as they were never lent to us, and besides, this is the only real wealth that the men and women of Terra Australis have to pay their debts.
The debt finance/credit creation system lends you ten apples but demands that you pay back eleven. If we imagine that all of the loans (mortgages, personal and business loans, overdrafts, bonds, credit cards, etc,) created in Australia over the last five years equal five trillion apples with an interest rate of 10%, an extra .5 trillion apples must be paid to the bank on top of the original five trillion. Where are we supposed to find the extra apples? They do not exist, as they were never provided in the first place. A percentage of the .5 trillion will come from the original apples floating around in the apple supply with others being paid by further borrowings of apples. Those that can’t find any spare apples and cannot or do not want to borrow anymore, have to give up their common wealth assets. After 113 years of applying this despicable tactic and when the dust has finally settled, the common wealth of Terra Australis will be 100% owned by private corporations. This is the real goal of those behind the private corporations.
When the common wealth government started borrowing debt finance from the private corporations (instead of creating and using ONLY common wealth money themselves), they started giving away the common wealth assets owned by the men and women of Terra Australis to service the interest (debts). When money is created and backed by common wealth, it is almost impossible to take the common wealth assets away from the men and women of Terra Australis because there are no interest charges or debt attached to it. Common wealth money is part of the common wealth.
Without common wealth, the men and women of Terra Australis are forced to live in a user pays environment because everything that was once part of the common wealth is now owned by private corporations and this is why we pay and pay and pay for everything and everything. Without common wealth we have become slaves in our own nation.
Private Corporation control means toll gates to drive on Terra Australis, it means rates to live on the land of Terra Australis, it means paying for every mouthful of water that flows on Terra Australis, for all the fruits of nature that we eat, for energy, for transport, to communicate, for health care, driving to a city beach or a National Park, and for education. We pay for our babies to become an asset to a private corporation when we register their births and we pay duties to one when we die. Very few people are able to have a life on earth without being under the control of Mammon.
One way or another, we are always contributing to Mammon, Mammon being the love of money (debt finance/credit creation) which is the property of private corporations and of everything that comes to life as a result of the hiring of this privately owned contracted money. We can never own mammon’s money; only borrow it with fees and interest attached. Mammon is debt.
Offerings to Mammon corporations occur throughout our daily lives enslaving us to the treadmill in order to have enough to complete our obligations. And as private corporations are all about debt and inflation, we pay well above the real common wealth value of everything. This is how we have lost our common wealth. The fact is, if we all owned everything, and were free of the current system, everything would be free because we would all look after it and share it as a family would.
We have become obsessed with the Mammon value of everything at the cost of our real common wealth assets: we talk about real estate "values", and investments, securities, stocks and shares, savings, superannuation, not realising that the private corporations control these values and they can cause them to go up or down anytime they wish because they own all the debt finance created This is the whole point of inflation; mountains of Mammon credit becomes available allowing men and women to compete for assets, pushing values up and up, enticing people with the dream of a quick profit like a heroin addict lured by a quick fix. But when the crash comes (when the debt can no longer be paid), the money power is able to suck up the real assets as the people and the government are forced to sell and the citizens of Terra Australis lose their common wealth
The values are not important; once you no longer own something, you no longer own it. Whether a house is worth $30million or $5.00 does not matter. The debt monetary system of mammon is a trick to deprive us of all our assets; in the end, no one can win under mammon except mammon. As all the elderly people forced out of their common wealth family homes through the introduction of Land Tax found out, it doesn’t matter whether you are in debt or not, rich or poor, old or young; if the private corporations want to take away what you own, they can find a way to do it. The Cristian family is finding this out the hard way.
We have become so caught up with Mammon values, chasing pots of gold, that we have forgotten all about the true value of having common wealth and have failed to notice that fewer and fewer people actually have anything of real value anymore. Whatever value they believe they have is but a fantasy. The insanity of this is such that we are selling Telstra to ourselves when we already own it as part of our common wealth. With common wealth there is no need for Mammon but with Mammon there is no common wealth. With common wealth there is no fear for tomorrow and no need for private corporations. With private corporations everyone is in fear of tomorrow’s uncertainty.
With private corporation bills upon bills to pay for all our necessities hanging over our heads, peace of mind is hard to come by. If this psychopathic madness is not stopped, there will no longer be any pockets of freedom left on or under the land or in the sea, the sky and space; there will be nowhere to get away from Corporation World. And we call this normal. What a joke!
The British Royal Family, The British Government, Australian Prime Ministers and many of the politicians, judges, bankers, educators, media moguls and everyone else involved in this private corporation take over of the Commonwealth of Australia have betrayed the men and women of Terra Australis and are answerable to all of us. The real flesh and blood men and women behind Mammon Corporations, including those who are loyal and sympathetic to the cause of Mammon are extremely arrogant and ignorant of the love for all of life. In their eyes, the men and women of Terra Australis are seen as their cattle to use as they see fit.
The usurping of all Common-Wealth of Australia Government authorities and assets to feather the interests of those involved in the takeover, has left us slaves to the private corporation dictatorship of debt finance/credit creation with their debt and interest payments being the guns at our heads.
Behind the scenes, professional soldiers/scribes/contractors (lawyers, barristers etc) employed by private corporations are creating legal documents that become the bills that our politicians push through parliament to become statutes, allowing private corporations to own and enforce taxes, rates, fees, penalties, interest charges, fines, tolls, etc, that we have to pay or face the consequences before the private corporations that are judges, jails, rangers, police, etc. The men and women of Terra Australis have had hardly any say in the on-going rush of statutes being pushed through parliament since 1900.
In terms of Mammon values, the private corporation asset value of its pirated Terra Australis common wealth assets is now well over two trillion Australian dollars (10 to the power of 18 = $2, or million x billion). These are common wealth assets that would have been the inheritance of our children and great grand children but our ancestors, grandparents and parents have all let us down and it is now up to us to fix this problem of debt before it is too late. We only have less than three years before outright private corporation military dictatorship has been declared and every man and women of Terra Australis is a microchipped slave forever.
See the Mondex multi-media attachment in our website under banks.
In a nutshell, The Queen, The Crown and the Commonwealth of Australia are private corporations, as are all local, state and federal government departments, political parties, the media, and many barristers and lawyers. The ATO and the RTA are just some of the many private corporations making money for private interests. They do not benefit the men and women of Terra Australis. They are part of a ruthless alien occupying force coveting the common wealth of Terra Australis. The Royal Family is one of the main instruments behind this private corporation take-over and the rape of all our common
wealth assets. The men and women of Terra Australis have been chronically lied to over and over again by our politicians, our media, our governor generals and state governors, our judges and by both the Kings and Queens of England. Our new website will shortly detail information, with evidence to back-up what we have stated.
We have gone from being a country where taxes, up until the 1950s/early 1960s, were almost non-existent. We had a half a percent income tax and a half a percent sales tax that came and went. All the other direct and indirect taxes we are lumbered with today, did not exist. We were able to do this because the government was still creating more common wealth money than borrowing Mammon’s. But the weighted scale was slowly shifting in favour of Mammon to where it now hits the ground. A family of four is now paying taxes (direct and indirect) of over $600.00 per week. A loaf of sliced white bread is taxed at least six times by the time a consumer buys it. Where once an Australian dollar was valued at a dollar, today it is under 10c, possibly around 3c. The buying power of the dollar has been seriously diminished due to rapid inflation, particularly since the Whitlam era. Today, the average Australian family is in debt to the tune of at least 160% of their income.
Common wealth money is debt free and interest free, and therefore does not require taxes to service any debt. When the government borrows Mammon’s money it taxes the men and women of Terra Australis to service its interest payments. When the citizens own everything, in the spirit of being a family supporting one another, we will have no need for taxes. Can you imagine a family imposing fines, penalties, fees, rates, etc on one another? Taxes are not normal – they do not have to be in place for society to function. If there were no private corporations, there would be no private banks. If there were no private corporations there would be no debts. If there were no private corporations, the whole of the Australian people would own all of the assets of this country. If there were no private corporations there would be no statutes and no daily offerings to mammon.
From over 100 years of gradualism, we have become slaves to private corporations that control us financially from birth to death. So far, we still own most of our water but, if that gets sold off, we will be completely at the mercy of the private corporations, for who can live, work, trade or play without water? From there it is not far to the microchip in the back of the right hand or the scalp, confirming our status as assets and slaves to the money power.
So why haven’t we done anything? Why has the Australian People not complained and protested and refused to be bullied? Partly because we are too distracted keeping our heads above water, or with the footy or the T.V or a beer at the pub, or whatever interests us, but mainly because of fear of the backlash of Mammon and the stealth tactics used by the money power to introduce their plans.
One method is called the Hegelian Dialectic, or problem, reaction, solution. An example of this would be as follows: the powers-that-be decide that they want to put cameras in the streets so they can keep an eye on what people are doing. However, they know that people will object if they are told that they are going to be watched so those in control start causing problems in the streets – a bit of violence, a few muggings, rape or murder, lots of noise at night, the media constantly focusing on the problems etc, etc. Soon, the people, used to expecting the powers-that-be to sort out their problems, start demanding that something be done to keep the streets safe, whereupon the powers-that-be are able to come up with a great solution; that of putting cameras in the street! The people, sick of not feeling safe in the streets, accept something they would previously have resisted.
The other tactic is that of divide and rule, which involves setting different factions of the community against one another so they are too busy fighting with each other to notice the stealth tactics going on around them. Divide and rule manipulates chaos amongst society and removes the focus on love for life or balance, order and harmony and this is why divide and rule has been used for centuries, particularly in politics where the parties argue publicly, are reported widely in the media and yet policies eventually go through no matter who is in "power". Anybody remember "No GST"? Or the sale of Telstra?
When the private corporation wants the government to sell off an asset, they throw a few spanners into the works of that asset and then use the media to point out all the problems with the government management of that asset until the public is convinced that privatization is the best, if not only option. With each sell off, many Australians do become shareholders but, like the fruit falling off a shaking tree, most Australians drop off over time and through manipulation, and the controlling interest falls into the hands of the multi-transnational corporations. This is another example of how divide and rule works.
Most people who work for local, state and federal government departments don’t realise what they are supporting, just as most of those who work in banking, finance, insurance, media, law, etc., are also innocent of the ramifications of what they do every day. The irony is that the very systems they are working in are the reason they are having to work so very hard in the first place!
The reason most workers have no idea of the real agenda behind the corporations they work for is because of the way they are structured. Private corporations are compartmentalized, multi-level skyscraper pyramids, with many people working in the lower levels tapering to the very few on the board of directors at the top. Those working in the bottom tiers have no idea what goes on at the top; only a chosen few are invited up to the top levels where the big decisions are made with insider information only being given on a need-to-know basis. The bank teller knows less than the branch manager, who knows less than the area manager, who knows less than the regional manager and so on, through the state, national, general managers, up and up and up to the top.
At the top levels, private corporations are interconnected through directorships and cross directorships, with compartments within compartments like a Russian doll. Politicians, bankers, directors, judges, religious and educational leaders, scientific, economic, police and military experts and media moguls can walk through the corridors connecting these seemingly unrelated pyramids, ensuring smooth management of the private corporation agenda of owning and controlling all the common wealth.
All extensive gardens are planned, usually with a wide variety of flora, particularly if the owners and carers want them to be enjoyable and beneficial on an on going basis, providing fulfillment of the original concept as dreamt by its inventor/s. In the same way, the blossoming of private corporations all over Terra Australis depends on the involvement of a wide range of high-level people from all areas of life all working together for the common goal of riches. Just as the individual plants make up "the garden" as dreamt by its dreamer, the private corporations have a wide and varied range of skilled men and women who are the directors. Without real flesh and blood human beings private corporations cannot exist.
Each individual pyramid can be used for divide and rule and Hegelian dialectic tactics, thus ensuring systematic, coordinated chaos. Like a prey of lions working together to corner their meal, they can work together or alone to ensure their success. Recently we have had a few judges crucified in the media but they are only white-ant exhibitions, establishing fearful precedents in the psyche of the commoners. Willing sympathizers of Mammon will work to scripts, applying fearful tactics that scare the commoners of Terra Australis into believing, "Look, if judges are not safe, gees, they can come after you and me, or mum and dad, anytime, anywhere and even break our doors down and come into our homes uninvited." The idea that no citizen is safe in Australia is psychologically very important for the long-term protection of all private corporations. Private corporations keep working away at breaking down and destroying the common wealth bonds that bind together all Terra Australis citizens into the large, happy, free family that we need to become if we are to reclaim our nation and our freedom. Hollywood, TV, Newspapers etc remind us of Chaos and that it is not a safe world out there so we must think for ourselves. "Dog eats dog", and "survival of the fittest" make fertile environments for Mammon.
On the surface, the human race has been conditioned to believe that the regular payments of debt and service obligations to the private corporation are the only way we can exist as a society. Bear in mind that the hundreds of individual, supposedly unrelated, private corporations that are the schools, medical centres, universities, the TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, Hollywood, advertising agencies, petrochemical & pharmaceutical corporations, fashion and sports, the religions, food production and
distribution, and all the goods and services that make up the mammon society we live in,
are all compromised at the top of the pyramids, because the directors are all answerable to Mammon.
It is important to remember that without credit creation/debt finance no private corporation could exist and, while they exist, all private corporation directors are bound to the dictates of Mammon because Mammon provides them with their life. The life of Mammon is precarious because it is based on lies and illusions and has no solid common wealth foundations. At the deepest core level anyone involved with Mammon is in fear of loss and this is why they work so very hard to ensure that the voice of Mammon is the only voice ever heard. Determined commoners armed with the truth is Mammon’s greatest fear. The light always destroys the dark because it reveals those who creep and crawl in darkness. This is why private corporations are impersonal and must keep the commoners at a distance so they do not get close enough to smell a dead rat. Corporations are unable to control the men and women who can see and feel outside the fog of their Chaos
This is why we are all contracted to the rules, regulations, rituals and procedures of these private corporations, through the bills we have to pay them for the "services" we use and the mammon obligations that we live under. The bills, etc that we continually receive is the mist that maintains the heavy fog we live within. This is how they keep the commoners in the fog of their chaos so they can’t see the private corporations for what they really are. And if the commoners are lost in the haze they can be controlled and manipulated. This is how they continue getting away with stealing the common wealth, year after year.
Also, private corporations are telling us that their pieces of paper (contracts, bills, fines, mortgages, rates etc) are more powerful than real flesh and blood human beings because these pieces of paper are used to force us into action. What comes first, pieces of paper or men and women? Can a piece of paper exist without men or women? Can a private corporation that issues pieces of paper exist without human beings? These questions show the absurdity of life under Mammon. We have allowed these pieces of paper to have such control over us that we are in fear of them despite the fact that they are unable to make any contribution to real life because pieces of paper don’t talk or walk or create life.
Continuing with the white-ant tactics, after recent media crucifixion, another supposedly disgraced judge has started up a legal practice to help represent Aussie victims battling fines, fees, debts etc. This "champion of the underdog" legal firm is getting wide & varied media exposure (all controlled by Mammon). Now keep this in mind, anyone who really sticks his/her rebelling head out from under the mammon umbrella, particularly an insider
like a disgraced judge, is considered very dangerous to Mammon. These real-true rebels must be silenced somehow, whether through censorship, being ignored, ridicule, threats, destruction of position, status, career and income, violence, poverty, poisoning or unfortunate accidents, before they can cause a huge rising up of Terra Australis commoners which will cause massive damage to the rose coloured façade that shields the true brutal nature of Corporation Australia.
Private Corporations can’t afford to have the commoners wake up. Commoners who are disgruntled are offered carefully controlled pathways down which to go if they wish to vent their feelings or attempt to make changes. However, these controlled yellow brick roads are run by white ants who continue to protect Mammon and the private corporation enterprises doing its bidding. If this Judge was a really good guy, he would be dead by now or at best, terrible things would have been said or done to his family or finances to shut him up and put him out of the way. Remember, Mammon houses banksters, criminals, robbers and mafia-like operatives. If the president of the United States and his brother can be murdered, no rebelling judge is safe either from Mammon unless the people rise up in force to protect him while destroying Mammon.
Almost everyone who has had a positive, inspirational influence over the commoners, particularly anyone with wealth, fame and strength of heart and mind, eventually experiences an unfortunate accident, a slow cancer-like death, suicide or murder, amongst many other awful happenings. There is hardly anyone left today whose heart is in the right place and who could cause terrible damage to Mammon, particularly over these next two to three years.
Private Corporations have the coldest, iciest and brainiest criminals on their books, all trained at Mammon Yale, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton etc. Mammon operatives make sure they always think of the bigger picture and plan well ahead to cover each and every weakness possible that could thwart world conquest.
Our politicians, bankers, judges amongst many others do not represent us because if they did there would be no private corporations and the Australian people would be living a life of real freedom.
The Cristian family court case is no longer about just protecting a family home; we are dealing with a system that does not represent justice, liberty and freedom and we are determined to expose this information, as we have already begun to do.
Please join with us to bring down this terrible system and replace it with what should have been put in place in 1900, a love for all of life. We are all born to life. Without life, we are nothing. With life, we can be the love for all of life.
Love For Life
Fiona and Arthur


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