Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This is real life. Ralph's Blewitts wife speaks out and claims she wants to rip GIllard a new arseole , the interview with Ruby his wife shortly.VIA Michael Smith

This is real life.   Real life involving real people.   Real life involves voicemail, dinners, having a few drinks, enjoying things!
The message you are about to hear is a bit coarse - but it's very, very real.   It capture the immediate reaction of a loving husband who values his reputation and for whom the love and support of his wife is the centre of his being.
Ralph is a tough looking bugger.   Inside him there is a very soft heart.   He has told me privately of what he did in Vietnam in your name.   We owe him.
I know a bit about Ralph and Ruby.   Ruby calls me "Mr Early Morning Call" because I ring them so often in Malaysia.   I know that Ralph and Ruby have spent virtually every waking moment together for the past few years.   I also know that Ruby is a devout Muslim who does not tolerate bad behaviour.   
And most importantly, she knows and loves Ralph Blewitt.
Here's the voicemail directly from my phone, published here with Ralph's permission.


  This is real life. Ralph's voicemail message to me. Soon, the interview with Ruby his wife. - Michael Smith News:

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