Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bob Kernohan clears up exactly what he knew and how he knew it about Gillard's home renovations VIA Michael Smith News

Bob Kernohan was spoken about in the Federal Parliament today.   He has no first hand knowledge of renovations to Ms Gillard's home.   But he does have very clear recollections of discussions he had with Bill Shorten and Bob Smith, who disclosed that they had first hand knowledge of the matters.  

When I interviewed Kernohan last year, I specifically avoided the issue of renovations to Ms Gillard's home.   I sent a 5 page document entitled "Brief for Opinion" to a prominent criminal QC in which I ste out the matters that I wanted a QC's opinion on in relation to what I then knew about the AWU Scandal.   I specifically mentioned the issue of renovations to Ms Gillard's home and said in the brief, "I have no evidence of and make no allegations about renovations to Ms Gillard's home" even though that topic was then the subject of some press speculation and conjecture.
Since then, in particular in the past couple of months I have seen sworn evidence from known persons, bank account details, copies of cheques, the unredacted elements of Ms Gillard's record of interview at her law firm and other information that has changed my opinion.   I now believe that there is a case to answer.

Michael Smith News:

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