Monday, November 26, 2012

Mark Baker's report in The Age of 10 October, 2012 should help police

Mark Baker has a very good confidential source who clearly has a continuing high level of trust in Mark's reports in The Age.

Mark has provided the level of proof sufficient to satisfy Fairfax Media's lawyers as to the truth of his reports, based on the information given to him by his confidential sources.
So read Mark's 10 October, 2012 report again today, knowing all that you know now.   I found that a lot more detail fell into place for me. 
In particular this passage that relates to her apparently customary failure to open files and fully inform her partners about matters involving the interests of her lover Bruce Wilson.  This time it's the Power of Attorney that's mentioned, that issue could cost the PM a lot more than her job.
The firm was also disturbed about aspects of conveyancing work done by  Gillard in 1993 for the purchase of a unit in Fitzroy. While the unit had been  bought in the name of another AWU official, Ralph Blewitt, the transaction had  been comprehensively managed by Wilson using a power of attorney drafted by  Gillard.
What the senior partners did not know then, but discovered the following  year, was that more than $100,000 towards the purchase of the property had been  siphoned from the AWU Workplace Reform Association.
Gillard,  then a salaried partner at Slater & Gordon, had been first  challenged about her role in helping create the association and in assisting  with the purchase of the Fitzroy unit at a meeting on 14 August, 1995, with  Geoff Shaw and Nick Styant-Browne, an equity partner in charge of the firm's  commercial department.
At that meeting Gillard confirmed she had not followed established procedures  to open a formal file on the work done to incorporate the Workplace Reform  Association. She had played down her role, claiming she had only given some  advice about incorporation.
She also confirmed that she had drafted the power of attorney for Wilson  without advising senior colleagues.
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