Thursday, November 29, 2012

The AWU Scandal - Wilson and Gillard went to Boulder to get some money to buy some flats-Michael Smith

Michael Smith: 


You will have heard of the Boulder conference where local miners were convinced their funeral and death money would be better off if it was taken out of their hands.
You may also have heard of the holiday flats at Kalbarri that were apparently bought with that money.
You might have heard of the Ford dealer who apparently sold the flats and his generosity with motor cars.
Well I know as much as you do about all of that.   But one bloke who was there when Ms Gillard went to Boulder to support her boyfriend was "Derby" Renton.
I spoke to Derby a few minutes ago.   I apologise in advance for the quality of the call, he's on a phone in a loud shop and my gear here is not studio quality, but you will get the idea about a group of miners who looked after each other and each other's families, and the spivs who came to take control of their money.

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