Monday, November 26, 2012

Sexists, misogynists, everywhere Gillard looks!

I am already sick of politicians apologising for everyone’s sins but their own:

DEFENCE Minister Stephen Smith has apologised to victims of sexual and other abuse in the Australian Defence Force and as part of new measures that include a judicial inquiry.

Mr Smith made the apology to the House of Representatives today.

‘’To those men and women in the Australian Defence Force or the Department of Defence who have suffered sexual or other forms of abuse, on behalf of the government I say sorry,’’ he told parliament.

Apologising for what others have done is the cheapest and most morally weightless way of seeming good.

Not only that, I’m sick of the Government creating a monster victim narrative to chime in with the Prime Minister’s cynical attempt to portray herself as just another victim of rampant sexism. Today’s rushed announcement of an apology for sexual abuse by ADF cadets segued neatly into Gillard’s attempt to portray herself as the victim of yet another misogynist:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has hit back at union “bagman” Ralph Blewitt over his claims she has questions to answer over the AWU affair, saying that people could work out whether they believed her or a self-confessed fraudster described by associates as a ‘’sexist pig’’, ‘’imbecile’’ and ‘’crook’’…

‘Mr Blewitt admits to using the services of prostitutes in Asia.

‘’Mr Blewitt has published lewd and degrading comments and accompanying photographs on his Facebook page.

‘’Mr Blewitt, according to people who know him, has been described as a complete imbecile, an idiot, a stooge, a sexist pig, a liar and his sister has said he’s a crook, and rotten to the core.

Sexists, misogynists, everywhere Gillard looks