Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bagman Ralph Blewitt's wife hits back at PM's attack

Ralph Blewitt
Ruby Blewitt, wife of former AWU bagman Ralph Blewitt, pictured, has put up a ferocious defence of her husband after Julia Gillard's attack on him. Picture: Aaron Francis Source: The Australian
THE wife of former AWU bagman Ralph Blewitt has ferociously hit back in defence of her husband, describing Julia Gillard's scathing assessment of Mr Blewitt as "bullshit".
Speaking from their home in Malaysia, Ruby Blewitt said her heart was "burning" with anger at the prime minister's comments branding her husband an idiot and a sexist pig.
"The thing that she tells people about my husband yesterday is bullshit, that is not right at all," Mrs Blewitt said in a recorded phone interview with former Fairfax broadcaster Michael Smith, posted on his blog this morning.
"She has to prove the things that she said about my husband.
"I challenge her to prove it."
Mr Blewitt has given Victorian police three written statements about his involvement in the alleged slush fund scandal, on condition that none of the material could be used in court against him.
Ms Gillard yesterday lashed out at Mr Blewitt during a lengthy press conference in which she defended her behaviour in providing legal advice to incorporate the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association.
"Mr Blewitt is a man who has publicly said he was involved in fraud," she said. "Mr Blewitt is a man who has sought immunity from prosecution.
"Mr Blewitt admits to using the services of prostitutes in Asia. Mr Blewitt has published lewd and degrading comments and accompanying photographs of young women on his Facebook page.
"Mr Blewitt, according to people who know him, has been described as a complete imbecile, an idiot, a stooge, a sexist pig, a liar, and his sister has said he's a crook and rotten to the core.
"His word against mine, make your mind up."
Mrs Blewitt said Ms Gillard should wash her mouth out "before she says something bad about my husband."
"He is very loving, caring, romantic person," Mrs Blewitt said.
"As the prime minister, she is not supposed to immerse herself to talk like this in front of people.
"She has to answer the questions."

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