Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MORE CRAP FROM ALP LEFTARD INFECTED CRIKEY! Trying hard to discredit Michael Smith.....

Crikey ventured deep into “misogynist grubby nut-job” headquarters last week to meet Michael Smith, the former shock jock leading the crusade against Julia Gillard over her involvement in a fraud scandal.

Michael Smith

I’m sitting on the bed in Michael Smith’s Melbourne hotel room and he has a question for me: ”Do you feel dirty?”
Do I feel “tainted”, he wants to know, by venturing into “misogynist grubby nut-job headquarters”?
Smith is the former talkback host who lost his job at Sydney radio station 2UE last year for trying to pursue a 16-year-old story about a union fraud committed by Julia Gillard’s former boyfriend. Since then, the shock jock in exile has continued to play a pivotal — if almost totally unacknowledged — role in the resurrection of the story. And he’s done it armed with nothing more than an iPhone, an internet connection, a ring binder bulging with documents and a conviction he’s onto one of the greatest scandals in Australian political history.

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