Monday, December 3, 2012

There is no point in telling lies: The majority of Aussies are Dumb, Drunk and Asleep!!!

I heard recently that Australians were ranked very highly internationally when it came to being Dumb, Drunk and racist. Well behind Israel in the racist department of course but ahead overall worldwide.   What scares me the most is the fact that in Australia we have a tolerant multicultural society. But a society that is in essence controlled by the media and completely ASLEEP!!!!

So what makes me think Aussies are so sound asleep and susceptible to any crazy notion passed by them. Well let’s take a look a few shall we.

Carbon Tax – Firstly the carbon tax that we were promised would never be brought in under a government run by Juliar Gillard. Unfortunately the global illuminate empire building Rothschild poor tax is here and holds the magic $23 per tonne. The government has also held the right to hold the names of the top polluters and the right to fine anybody who speaks ill of the tax to the tune of $1.1 million, not to mention the fact that at least 10% of the money collected from struggling asleep aussies will go overseas to the criminal organization known as the U.N. to do their bidding. Seriously Australia we have fallen asleep at the wheel. It is time to tell our politicians to start wearing V8 super car driving suits with all the sponsorship logo’s on them. So we can see what corporations we are really voting for you sell out Muppets. Thank you Jesse Jackson.

Fluoride in the water – Aussies have been asleep at the wheel for over 40 years since industrial grade sodium fluoride, ( a by-product of the fertiliser/aluminium industry)  imported from Chinese factories was pumped into our water supply at millions of dollars a year cost to tax payers with no real benefit to our teeth and at unbelievable harm to our personage. Such as dumbing down of the population ( as it was first trialled in Nazi concentration camps) and introduced in military bases all over Australia after WW2.  Directly after it was condemned by  Mr. Harley Dickenson raised the issue in the Victorian Legislative council
"This scheme was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water. In this scheme, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place. 
"Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual's power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narcotising a certain area of the brain, and will thus make him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him. 
"Both the Germans and the Russians added fluoride to the drinking water of prisoners of war to make them stupid and docile."
This however was only the beginning as Fluoride in the water supply has emotional, mental and physical consequences. Such as calcification of the pineal gland, increase in cancer rates by a significant amount, kidney disease, birth defects, reduced fertility and many more. So Australia before you run off and give away your hard earnt cash to some famous sportsman promoting some cancer research morning tea or lunch with a pretty pink logo. Think about what the hell is causing the thousands of % increase in the western world of cancer rather than trying to fix it with a drug. Wake up Australia!!!
Slave to the Monarch –
What I find most amusing is the way Australians are simply mesmerised by the Queen and the royal family in general. I must say it is intriguing that a family with German Bloodline, ‘Saxo Coburburg Goethe, with Hebrew background.’ ( whom changed its name to Windsor just before WW1) worth trillions of dollars and controls so much of our corporate life/ farm land etc… gets our love and admiration, plus tax payers $$$$’s plus a new boat on her birthday while 100’s die trying to save their families on overcrowded unseaworthy vessels attempting to make it to our shores away from wars supported by the Crown for their own financial gain and not ours.
The Real question is who made these German’s your Rulers and privy to your tax dollars, and don’t pretend they will protect us in time of need. I watched them fold and give Hong kong back to China in a heart BEAT!!!!

Aussie soldiers are guns for hire
Do you ever get sick of the fact that Australian young men and women seem to get asked to fight wars in far off lands without asking the very parents and families they will be taken off. I know I am. Plus we have to pay for them. What weapons of mass destruction.? But John Howard committed our troops without even asking us!!!  Now the Australian Army are paying $250,000 to bring in foreign troops as a sign on fee because we are soooo popular at committing our troops to wars we don’t understand nor need to be involved in that cost our tax payers and loved ones dearly.

The Do Gooder’s ( or social engineers are to Blame) NOT MINORITIES
I am getting sick of this ugly misconception that evil minorities are coming over here by rickety old boats wearing burqua’s and trying to stop your 7 year old having an Easter egg hunt. Just so you know the Easter bunny is not real, it is a Roman pagan festival along with the Christmas tree. As if Muslims would care. It is a cultural thing, not religious. Sing your carols because if you bothered to read the noble Qur’an, the Muslims respect Jesus to the maximum and believe in the same God.
The Problem stems from our own government and social engineers attempting to get rid of God from society in any form so they can take over and tell you how to live your life, while blaming it on the minorities. Sound familiar …Sig Heil!!!!!   

I have only touched on a few issues in this blog that I feel effect every Aussie at some level. We have simply let our media dictate a level of fear to us so we won’t let our children walk to school without being kidnapped. But what evidence have you of this really. Other than CSI Miami … Seriously!!! It is a scam so you would go out and buy a 7 year old a mobile for their SAFETY!!! Their WHAT!!!!  Your politicians and bankers are making money off your fear and causing you pain and there is nothing you can do about it. I say WAKE UP!!!


  1. They all soon find out when they are sold out and treated like slaves and when they are forced to do things against their will and then threatned with prison or worse. Wake Up Australia.

    1. you bet they will, slavery is well and truly alive, there are plenty of people from shit areas of the world who will gladly take there place if they don't comply to things that the elite will bring against them. Then when its to late they will look for someone else to blame, the Blame will be on every lazy ass asleep Aussie that didn't give a shit to care enough about themselves, their children, their nation.

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