Monday, December 3, 2012

***This is a must watch*** Case: Questioning Government Validity

                              What The FUQ?

Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government"

If you take the time to watch and listen to this documentary video, you will begin to understand why Julia Gillard is still in power.
This story is of a man who uncovered the truth about our present Austalian Government being a corporation and not the original Commonwealth of Australia Government. It is his fight over import duties for a corvette he brought into Australia. This is a recent happening...You will also find a link in large text below the video which will link you to a website, that has all the relevant documents you can use to question different governmental departments and if you were to utilise these documents you will find the government departments will not answer the basic question as to who they are and whether they work for the orginal commonwealth departments of the Commonweath Government of Australia.

Also, this corporated government has tampered with the office of Governor General in 1984, so that she no longer works on behalf of the constitution as from Queen Victoria but for this incorporated Australian Government in America. So in effect, we have two in place, one for the people, as the original and this bogus one.


A probing documentary that dares to ask vital questions:

Is Luxury Car Tax lawful?

Is Goods & Services tax lawful?

Are they pretend laws?

Which Parliament did those laws come from?

Which Commonwealth do those laws belong to?

Why is there a Commonwealth of Australia registered in Washington DC?

Questions raised in this documentary are of vital concern for every Australian and indeed anyone searching for liberty, freedom and justice.

Why was "Government" billed millions for a 50 year old car?

Case: Questioning Government Validity


  1. We need to know if this current Government is legal, and what government departments are legal, so we the people can stand up to these imposter's.

    1. yeah so please find out for us. Many of us either don't have the time or the talent to do it. But if someone found out the complete true facts, we would find the time to stand up for our rights and demand these imposter's are removed from power.