Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lawyers helping lawyers to maintain the highest ethical standards - Michael Smith

Michael Smith - You could be forgiven for thinking that some authorities aren't all that keen on investigating The AWU Scandal.

You can add the Legal Services Commissioner to the list of people who see no public interest in holding Julia Gillard to account for her role.
The partners at Slater and Gordon (and it was a partnership of people at the time, not a corporate entity incorporated in its own right) knew about the AWU-WRA 8 months before their client found out.   They did not tell their client.   They did not tell police.
Slater and Gordon passed tainted money through its trust account.   It advanced a mortgage to Ralph Blewitt without an application from him.   It used a dubious Power of Attorney drafted and ostensibly witnessed by one of its partners which gave power to her lover over Blewitt's affairs (and Blewitt was Wilson's subordinate at work, subject to his direction, an asymmetric power relationship).
The Legal Services Commissioner has now decided that you don't have an interest in seeing this matter investigated.  He has determined what's in the public interest, and the corollary of his deterimation is that it's in the public interest that the sleeping dogs should lie.


  1. The Legal Services Commissioner of Vic is just as corrupt now as Gillard was back then, just as James Johnson the independed candidate for the seat of Lawler, who has taken on this corruption within the legal profession especially as it relates to the family courts.

  2. The Legal Services Commission is there to maintain the fiction of "highest ethical standards" to the public. Where is public interest and accountability being served?