Wednesday, December 5, 2012



It is a government of ignorant union thugs, the front bench comprising 70% ex-unionists and union officials, treating Australia like a union, to be used and abused, lied to and remain unaccountable to, for their own power trips and advancement, complete with sleaze, vicious in-fighting, political assassinations and corruption.
It is a government of corrupted individuals, including Julia Gillard, a pathological liar and disgraced lawyer, evidently let go by her law firm for misconduct, who would have been most likely disbarred had she not hidden her actions, Craig Thompson who has been protected for 4 years by this government from being properly investigated for pretty obvious fraudulent use of union funds for prostitutes and other uses activities, Mike Williamson, ex Labor Party president now charged with over 40 charges of fraud, and recently Peter Slipper ejected by Liberals for impropriety and sleaze but by Labor’s low  standards, a man of integrity and suitable to the highest office of speaker.
It is a corrupting government, disrespecting and destroying the integrity and impartiality of our democratic institutions, including the tendering processes exemplified by Australian broadcasting tender, the treasury which has become for hire for government propaganda, the judiciary which it attacked and tried to influence over the Malaysia deal,dismantling of the Construction Industry watchdog.
It is a government undermining our democracy, with its attacks on the freedom and independence of press which Julia Gillard has made fire two journalists for investigating her earlier career impropriety and which it has tried intimidate and hobble with the Finkelstein Media inquiry, its attacks on our respect for and freedom of speech and of protest against government misdeeds, which it has attacked and ridiculed repeatedly as with terms like trucker’s convoy of incontinence, shock jocks, right wing extremists and the like.  It has conscripted and favoured social media front organisations like GetUp, funded by unions and destroythejoint to misrepresent themselves as grassroot campaigns and intimidate opposing voices.
It has damaged our democracy by the lowest debasement of our political debate into a never ending brutal gutter personal vilification campaigns of opposition leader, Mr Abbott and Newman. It has depraved the “whatever it takes” Labor mantra to such vile, that its originator, Labor icon Graham Richardson has disowned this government’s tactics.
But perhaps the biggest damage has been its normalisation of election lies and broken election promises during elections. It has broken so much faith with the electorate, so often, that we have resigned ourself to it, powerless to change it. “There shall be no carbon tax” is but one, others like we will stop the boats, reduce business taxation, produce a surplus in 2013, we are Howard lite. Elections will be meaningless if governments do not feel bound by the promises they make. That nearly half the population still votes for Labor/Greens after so many lies indicates they will tolerate lying government, as long as they are lying in this group’s favour.
It is a monumentally incompetent government, with virtually every program and initiative it has attempted failing, typically spectacularly and often lethally and too numerous to list here but progressively documented here.
It is a dishonest government, partly because its members exhibit no integrity and no shame, partly because it is so incompetent that it has no other means to cling onto power that to defend itself from valid criticism by deflection, distraction, baseless counter-attack, outrageous spin and outright lying. This government has no standard of parliamentary conduct, no threshold of disrepute or incompetence that might shame a member into resigning a portfolio or his seat – only the absolutely lowest legal safeguard against criminals governing us will be obeyed out of necessity – proven criminal activity with jail sentence more than 1 year.  No amount of shame, lethal incompetence, disrepute or hypocrisy will disqualify Labor members. Just like with unions.
It is a totalitarian minded government, through its viscous demonization of any critics and any dissenting voices, its arrogant attempts at dominant central authoritarian governance over states, its undermining of free speech and democracy and its cutting secret deals with large corporations like the miners. It
It is an economically illiterate and damaging government, criticised by economists and now virtually all business organisation, having no idea how national wealth is created and maintained, killing producers with ideological thought bubble governance like the $43Bil NBN, subsidies to favourite unionised industries, paying off unions with productivity killing union-friendly industrial relation. It is an irrational, sovereign risk causing government with ill considered snap live export bans, snap super taxes, and superannuation meddling, only sucking the economy dry to bribe the electorate and pay off supporters in the Greens and rent-seekers.
It is an evilly divisive government, pitting one Australian against another and destroying social harmony,  all just to hang on to power. It has started a class war between the poor and the rich, a race war with a riot between aboriginies and Liberals and most recently a sex war of feigned misogeny, all merely to distract the electorate and villify its opponents.
It is a government at war with Australians. Never in our history has a government gone to war with the Australian people, but this Labor has viciously attacked almost every segment of the population, including big corporations, small business, conservatives, the army, the supreme court, newspapers, peaceful protesters, climate change sceptics, libertarians, shock jocks, their own partners Greens, and their own party members in a most vicious demolition of an ex-priminister, Kevin Rudd, describing him amongst other things as a psychopath, deranged, having no Labor values,  intemperate and having lost his way.
It is a government in an indulgent war with itself.  Despite the old adage that in politics, disunity is death, this government has been tearing itself apart throughout its term, with scheming and faceless men knifing a prime minister with resulting civil war between Rudd and Gillard. It has been tearing apart its coalition with the Greens and betrayed and conflicted with the independents, all held together not for the country but just to cling onto power.
It is a stupid, naive and childlike government, not having had to concede Carbon Tax to the greens in the first place and most of their disasters, of their own doing out of sheer stupidity and lack of foresight.