Monday, December 10, 2012

The offender Craig Thomson has a Labor industrial lawyer running his criminal defence - MICHAEL SMITH

MICHAEL SMITH: This'll be good.

Craig Thomon has a revisionist industrial lawyer running his defence. 
Craig Thomson's Lawyer Chris Mcardle

Andrew Bolt and Steve Price replay Ben's interview with mercurial McCardle, McCardle's mastery on display from about 30 minutes in.   Compare and contrast with my original interview with Thomson, conducted without waterboarding, rendition or 24 hour a day Barry Manilow under lights.
About half a dozen people rang me straight after the interview and said that Mr McCardle said words to the effect that Craig Thomson has never admitted authorising the use of union money to pay for hooker bills via credit card.
Then he said he'd sue Ben Fordham if Ben repeated the allegation.  Then he hung up.

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