Saturday, December 8, 2012

A letter from Ralph Blewitt to Ms Julia Gillard MP

Photo:  Ralph Blewitt

Ralph Blewitt writes:

Dear Ms Julia Gillard,
Once we were friends you and I. 
We used to meet for Saturday Brunch in Fitzroy with Bruce Wilson, we even had dinner at the Windsor Hotel one time in Melbourne, they where good times - fun times - talking about unions, politics and general chit chat...but that was a long time ago.

Unfortunately due to rather rude comments made about me by yourself in the media recently I now consider our friendship broken beyond repair.

I find it embarrassing now watching you duck and weave to avoid answering questions about things that we along with Bruce Wilson were involved in so long ago. The questions asked of you today are not unreasonable and go to your honesty and integrity in that you now hold the highest office in the land.

I think you owe Australians an open and frank explanation of what happened in those heady years. 

However should you choose not to be a big enough person to face up to your past alleged misdeeds, then please,  I appeal to you as an old friend to do one of two things to save yourself and the Australian people any more embarrassment.

Resign as PM or at the very least do what Peter Slipper did and down stand whilst the police investigate this fraud that it is alleged you may have been a part of.

Ralph Blewitt.

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