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Banking on climate change: A list of bankers advocating for the Australian carbon tax

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The carbon tax will allow for the sale of carbon credits in Australia, if this remains legal the banks will make billions if not trillions of dollars over time in trading these carbon credits. Many of the people in Canberra or who are publicly advocating for the carbon tax and therefore the sale of carbon credits are currently bankers or former bankers.

Dr Megan Clark is the Chief Executive and Board member of the CSIRO she is also:

Currently a member of the Australia Advisory Board of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
A former Director, NM Rothschild and Sons Australia, (Australian arm of the Rothschild Investment Bank) 2001-03
Source: Dr Megan Clark’s Official CSIRO Resume
It has also been reported that she is the director of a carbon sequestration company see here.

Mr Simon McKeon is Chairman of the CSIRO Board he is also:
Currently the Executive Chairman of Macquarie Group’s Melbourne Office (Macquarie Bank)
Source: Mr Simon Mckeon’s Official CSIRO Resume
Mr Mckeon has no scientific qualifications:
“The Federal Government has appointed a corporate banker as the CSIRO’s new chairman….. Despite admitting he has “no scientific pedigree”, Mr McKeon says he wants to see the issue of climate change elevated to the top of the political and public agenda.”
Source: ABC | 21/June/2010

Malcolm Turnbull MP for the Liberal Party who is also:

The former Chairman and Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Australia 1997-2001.
A former Partner of  Goldman Sachs and Co.1998-2001.
Source: Malcolm Turnbull’s Official Australian Parliament House Biography

Dr John Hewson former Liberal Party leader who is also:

Currently a Non-Executive Director of Change Investment Management a financial investment company that invests in ‘Eco’ projects.
A founding member and founding Executive Director of Macquarie Bank 1985-87.
A former economist with the IMF 1973-75.
A Former Director and Chairman of ABN AMRO Australia 1995-98 an investment bank that has an entire carbon trading division see here.
A Former Member of the Advisory Council of ABN AMRO 1998-2004
Dr Hewson also ran his own investment banking business.
Sources: Change Investment Management, His biography on Equiti Capital Limited’s website(which he is currently the Chairman of) , his fact page at the  Museum of Australian Democracy (PDF) Money Management and Australian National University.
Dr Hewson has regularly advocated for a carbon tax, recently he signed a “Say Yes” propaganda placard on the day the carbon tax legislation passed though the House of Representatives seehere

Paul Keating former Prime Minister of Australia is also:
 The Chairman of the Corporate Advisory International at Lazard, an investment banking firm
On the board of China Development Bank: International Advisory Council
Sources: Lazard’s website and China Development Bank’s website
Paul Keating has recently made a number of public comments supporting the carbon tax see here, and here,

Prof Ross Garnaut who led The Garnaut Climate Change Report and Reviews is also:
 A professor in economics with no scientific qualifications
The former Chairman of the Board of Directors, Primary Industry Bank of Australia 1989 to 1994
The former Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bank of Western Australia Ltd (BankWest) 1988 to 1995
Source: Ross Garnaut’s Resume 
Ross Garnaut is one of the most influential economist/bankers with governments in the Asia Pacific region.

These are some of the key players pushing the Australian carbon tax who were employed by or are still employed by the very banks that will profit from the carbon tax.
If anyone is aware of any others let me know and I’ll add them.
By Adam at Wakeup2thelies.com

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