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Proof that Carbon Taxes Increase the Cost of Living Revealed

Written by Andrew Puhanic 

Published on Thursday, October 25th, 2012
Globalist Report
Lies of carbon taxes and no one can see the government laughingSINCE the introduction of the Australian carbon tax, the cost of living in Australia has risen exponentially.
Yesterday, it was revealed that the Australian carbon tax was having an impact on Inflation in Australia.
Data released by the Reserve Bank of Australia revealed that the inflation rate in Australia rose to 1.4 per cent between July 2012 and September 2012 (Source: Reserve Bank of Australia). That’s a 3x increase on the previous quarter.
EXPERTS now admit that carbon taxes increase the overall cost of living for countries that adopt a carbon tax. Managing Director of Rochford Capital, Thomas Averill, said that “Energy prices have made a fairly big contribution to the inflation numbers” and that “the carbon tax was also having a visible impact on inflation figures” (source: Sydney Morning Herald)
Unfortunately, many western countries haven’t heeded the lessons of the failed carbon tax policy in Australia.
Norway, another Globalist funded country that also has enacted a carbon tax, recently announced that it will double the carbon tax rate from 200 Norwegian Krone per tonne of CO2 (US$35.04) to 410 Nkr ($71.84) (source: Triple Pundit). Considering that most of the Norwegian oil industry is owned and operated by the government, all that will result from the price increase is more revenue for the Government and less for the tax payers.
Also, what I find most baffling is how governments cannot identify precisely how carbon taxes are impacting on man-made climate change and house-hold expenditure?
THE Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia’s tax-payer funded statistical organisation, evenadmitted that it will not be able to quantify the impact of carbon pricing, compensation or other government incentives and will not be producing estimates of price change exclusive of the carbon price or measuring the impact of the carbon price (Source:Australian Bureau of Statistics)
If the Australian Bureau of Statistics cannot work out how much the Australian carbon tax has impacted prices, then they should take a look at how an IT service provider (DownUnder Geosolutions) has seen an increase in its operating costs of more than 10 per cent because of the carbon tax.
The truth is that Carbon taxes don’t reduce man-made climate change (if it’s ever proven to be true), carbon taxes don’t improve the environment we live in and carbon taxes increase the cost of living for families.
How can governments justify a tax that does nothing but hurt the people it’s intended to help?

Proof that Carbon Taxes Increase the Cost of Living Revealed:

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  1. They cant justify it is the real answer. It's not about saving the environment and "helping people". It's about a transfer of wealth from the people to the banks. Australia sends 10% of the tax collected to the world bank. More interestingly, not a single viable alternate energy scheme has been put on the table, alongside the introduction of the carbon tax. What does that tell you?