Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How did Ms Gillard get away with it for so long! How come no one called her out, it's so obvious.@mpsmithnews

Last week we spoke about the weekend of 18/19 August 2012 when Hedley Thomas published the Slater and Gordon/Gillard record of interview, Paul Kelly and Peter Van Onselen hosted Ms Gillard on Australian Agenda on Sky - and then Slater and Gordon staff concocted a manifestly dubious media statement to advance Ms Gillard's personal interests.
With her background of bulltish that weekend should have been it and it may well have been if Slater and Gordon's current management had not been so helpful with the media statement.
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So our last public correspondence with Slater and Gordon last week ended like this:

And finally, is the Slater and Gordon statement that Julia Gillard "took a leave of absence in order to campaign for the Senate" in 1995 a true statement?
             Hamish Heard
Senior Media Advisor SLATER & GORDON LAWYERS485 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000T: slatergordon.com.au facebook.com/SlaterGordonAU twitter.com/SlaterGordon
I followed that email with this note to Slater and Gordon
Thank you for your speedy response.
May I try to clear up Slater and Gordon's official position on the substantive reason for Ms Gillard leaving the firm?
In late 1995, had Ms Gillard's "relationship with the equity partnership group become fractured, and trust and confidence evaporated" making it untenable that she continue in her employment?
Was the firm "concerned as to whether (Ms Gillard) had acted consistently with (her) obligations of utmost good faith with regard to her partners" and was her resignation accepted in those circumstances?
Did the partnership "consider terminating Ms Gillard" and in those circumstances did "Ms Gillard elect to resign"  and did the partnership "accept her resignation without discussion"?

Was it "clear that  the  relationships had broken down irretrievably" between Ms Gillard and the remaining partners in the partnership?

Slater and Gordon's public statement of 20 August, 2012 gives the impression that the substantive underlying reason for Ms Gillard's absence from the firm from September 1995 was "in order (for her) to campaign for the Senate".   Is that the major contributing reason for Julia Gillard's absence from the firm from September, 1995?

Finally, is Slater and Gordon aware of any reason, order or agreement of any nature that would restrict Ms Gillard from practicing as a lawyer at any time in Victoria?

Now here is some news!   As you know I was crook late last week, during that time Slater and Gordon have responded to our questions.
Here is the response from Slater and Gordon:
We stand by the previous public statements we have made regarding this issue".
So we have the law firm's current management coming in to work on a Sunday when Julia Gillard needs a positive media statement.    Together with Ms Gillard they concoct a statement that protects Ms Gillard.   Don't you wish they'd just told the truth?   
Next we'll look closely at those 6 months that Slater and Gordon says Ms Gillard was campaigning for the Senate.

How did Ms Gillard get away with it for so long! How come no one called her out, it's so obvious