Sunday, March 10, 2013

60 Minutes Australia POLL ! Do you think Tony Abbott is a changed man?

60 Minutes Australia POLL ! Do you think Tony Abbott is a changed man?

60 Minutes Australia POLL ! Do you think Tony Abbott is a changed man?

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  1. The sooner she's out the better. She has done enough damage to last a life time.

    1. Yeah Elena get rid of her, I want to pay high interest rates again like I did under John Howard when he gave me nine interest rate rises in a row before Labor came to power, Labor's a disgrace for getting us through the GFC as the only country in the Western world not to go into recession, low interest rates, low unemployment, I'd almost forgotten how much I appreciated John Howard when he told me Interest Rates will always be lower under a Liberal government, excuse my sarcasm, but anyone with a mortgage that votes Liberal is a sandwich short of a picnic because one thing's a certainty if Abbott gets into power, your hours will be longer (productivity), your wages will be lower (economic rationalism), and this is going to make it a lot harder to pay your mortgage when interest rates go up under Abbott which they will.

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