Saturday, January 5, 2013

Please arrange a sacrifice to the Climate Gods forthwith via @mpsmithnews

Eloi said:                           

                                There is absolutely nothing that isn't caused by or made worse by "global warming"

Eloi, that has to be one of the most frightening things I have ever seen.
We have one of those soda stream machines at home, you put a bottle of water into it, press the button and it carbonates the water just like from the shop.
But I have just discovered that the gas used in soda water, coca colatm and other dangerous carbonated drinks is dangerous carbon dioxide.
How could my government be so reckless as to allow this outrage?   Here is one of the dangerous cylinders of the thatched-roof destroying, rabid-bat creating, outdoor-hockey ending cylinders of carbon dioxide.
Now I'll just have to say a little prayer to the Climate Change Gods every time I have a scotch and soda.


But, how can this be?   Now I am really torn.   On the back of the self-same cylinder of the dangerous gas that's responsible for higher electricity bills in Camperdown, there is this logo.


Only an apostate could make that claim.   I'm dobbing.   What's the point of paying more for everything in Australia to save the world by regulating the globe's climate from the Climate Vatican in Canberra when irresponsible drinkers can still hook in to a scotch and soda?

Please arrange a sacrifice to the Climate Gods forthwith

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