Tuesday, January 29, 2013


GILLARD CAUGHT OUT AGAIN TELLING UNTRUTHS. When will this woman learn that lies always come back to haunt you? Has she learnt nothing from her 'young and naive' days? Considering she was in her 30's and a partner at S&G, 'young and naive' doesn't appear to me to be a truthful representation of the facts. Approaching middle-age and cunning as a shit-house rat is a far better description.


A transcript of the Prime Minister's national security speech has been amended on her official website because of an incorrect claim she made about the level of Australia's defence spending.

On Wednesday, Julia Gillard compared Australia's level of defence expenditure with other countries, declaring it was within the top 15 in the world in absolute terms and "second only to the United States in PER CAPITA SPENDING” (i.e dollars spend per head of population)

But the official transcript of her speech was later altered and now reads that Australia's defence spending is "second only to the United States on a per capita basis among the G7 countries plus China".

Either way, its all deception.

Firstly, according to former Army officer James Brown, “there are at least seven countries that spend more on defence on a PER CAPITA basis than Australia”.

Secondly, the gold standard on measuring defence spending is NOT per capita, but as PERCENTAGE of GDP.

And a percentage of GDP Australia's current spending level puts us a best A LOWLY 50th IN THE WORLD according to the latest SIPRI data, just behind military giants like Senegal and Croatia, and barely in front of New Zealand.

The bottom line is that at the last election Labor promised to increase Defence spending, but they did the opposite and slashed it. They misled the Australian public.

And now Ms Gillard has been caught red handed (again) making misleading statements on Australia’s Defense spending

Just another example that you can’t trust Labor as far as you far as you could throw them.

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