Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Well my story and reason for doing this crowdfunding campaign is as follows : My family consists of myself and my 3 young children, My name is Dallas Miller 45 year old single male currently on a disability Pension and unable to work due a tragic work related accident were I lost
99 % vision that happened in 1996 and I was unable to work after the accident ,anyway I met a lady which I had 3 children to and that relationship didn't work out to well in the end and I departed my ways with 3 children in tow and have raised my 3 children by myself since to be fine upstanding kids that I'm very proud of Tianna 16, Tyler 13 and Lauchlan 11 we live each day on my low income form Centrelink (DSP) which just gets us through the fortnight but makes our life very hard to survive with the way the economy is at the moment and the very high electricty prices etc the list of bills just keeps coming and we are struggling to pay the bills but we manage just... I had one dream that oneday I would be able to house my children were we were not asked to move on as we do often in the rental market ,at the present time we live in a delapidated cabin in the bush which is all we can afford its not much but its home for the time being but is virtually falling down around us but I can't even think about moving right now due to the high rental prices so we have no choice but to live in what we have to rent at the moment but my children are very unhappy although they never complain or whinge but occasionly I cry to myself that oneday Im going to give my kids the house and life they deserve .. Dreams may come true and I'm hoping our prayers will be answered ,,,,,,,,,  The support that one could give us would mean so much to us so I hope you can find in your heart to spare a little change so we can build the dream we would really all appreciate... any help would be muchly appreciated ... 
Thankyou for hearing our story! 
God bless!

The Miller Family


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